All machines that are built must comply with the requirements of the applicable legislation and regulations. Simply stated, this is often described as the making a machine CE compliant or issuing a CE marking for the machine. The CE marking of a machine goes hand-in-hand with the formulation of specific documents (risk analyses, directives verifications etc.). In order to correctly draft these documents, you must possess a great deal of knowledge about the various industry standards.

ESV Technisch Adviesbureau BV can handle this entire process for you. As a result of our many years of experience with the CE marking of a wide spectrum of machines, ESV Technisch Adviesbureau BV is the ideal partner for your CE activities. Would you rather perform this work yourself? Then you can opt to have ESV advise you in the process. Our advisers can tell you exactly what to look out for while making up the various documents and preparing the CE marking of your machine.


Why? – It’s the law

All machines that are built must comply with the requirements that are set down in the Machinery Directive. The Machinery Directive has been adopted as law by the member states of the European Union.

Why? – Liability

When you build a machine, you become liable. By making your machine CE compliant, you avoid having to assume extra liability. In other words, you fulfil the obligations you have as the machine’s manufacturer. Of course, you always remain liable for what you have delivered. But should you ever be held liable for injuries caused by your machine, then you will be able to prove, by means of the Technical File compiled for the machine, that you did comply with the requirements in the area of machine safety (directives and standards).

How? – Step-by-step plan

  1. Definition of machine (intended use); also required for changes to existing machine.
  2. Determination of which EU Directives are applicable.
  3. Risk assessment.
  4. Review of fundamental requirements of the applicable directives.
  5. Testing and monitoring (if applicable).
  6. Purchasing (chain liability).
  7. Drafting of instructions.
  8. Compilation of Technical File.
  9. Certification procedure (inspection agency needed?).
  10. Drawing up EC Declaration of Compliance.
  11. Issuing CE marking for the machine.
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