Machine Safety Report

The most important part of a Machine Safety Report are the risk analysis and risk reduction formulated in accordance with standard EN-ISO 12100:2010. In order to clarify the risks found, the risk analysis is accompanied by photographs of the relevant risks. With risk reduction, proposals are formulated for the purpose of reducing the risks. The reduction may consist of a technical or an informative solution.
A technical solution could, for example, consist of a guard hood, an area safeguard, electrical safeties or other safety devices. An informative solution usually consists of a pictogram on an installation and a safety instruction in a user manual. As the final step in the risk analysis, an assessment is always made of the extent to which a specific reduction measure reduces the risk.
Any remaining risk is designated as residual risk.

The available standards are always used when drafting a Machine Safety Report. Some machines are subject to specific standards; these are also referred to as the harmonized C standards. If there is no C standard available for a machine, then the recommendation / advice is based on the applicable harmonized A and B standards (more generalized standards).

The findings from the risk analysis are set down and presented in a report. Both the risk analysis and this report highlight the unique strengths of ESV Technisch Adviesbureau BV. We always try to come up with practical solutions. And we attempt to describe these in an easily understandable manner. These descriptions include the presentation of solutions—solutions equipped with tools—so that it is possible, in practice, to realize the proposed solutions.

Sometimes companies ask for further practical substantiation of the proposed reduction. We usually provide this by means of a simple sketch. For many technicians a sketch speaks for itself.
ESV Technisch Adviesbureau will therefore, upon request, substantiate its descriptions with sketches.
In cases where a direct description of an implementation appears to be essential, ESV Technisch Adviesbureau BV is able to convert the report with the risk analysis into a work order report.
These work orders then describe exactly which actions must be taken.
This option, in part, takes care of the necessary work preparations.

ESV Technisch Adviesbureau prefers a practical approach.
Our consultancy personnel can further support your implementation, if you wish.

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