Machinery Directive

The Machinery Directive is in effect for all machines produced or modified since 1 January 1995.
Since the end of 2009, a new Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EG, has entered into force.
The directive not only sets stringent requirements for the safety of machines but also for the accompanying documentation which the manufacturer must deliver along with the machine.
Throughout the years, the Machinery Directive has been one of the most widely discussed directives.
The latest significant change to the directive dates from 2006, and it has been in effect since the end of December 2009. The European Union has published the new directive under the name “New Machinery Directive” (MRL 2006/42/EG).
This change has significantly broadened the set of requirements dictated by the Machinery Directive. These new requirements most likely also apply to your machines.The machine’s user manual must be easy to understand and written in the language of the country where the machine is delivered.
The manufacturer must also compile a complete Technical File.
The Machinery Directive applies to production lines, metal working machines, agricultural machinery etc. In fact, to applies to all machines that fulfil the definition of machinery as stated in the directive.

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