Safety Afternoon

The topic on one of our Safety Afternoons was “THE PRACTICE OF MACHINE SAFETY, REGULATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES”. At this Afternoon, Bert Stap addressed the tendency of machine builders to become increasingly lax and to deliver more and more machines which do not comply with the applicable European Directives. In other words, machines are often unsafe.

How can companies that purchase machines ensure that they are getting a safe machine?
In fact, the Afternoon could be summed up as follows: “Good agreements to start with and inspections to finish”.

Also discussed were the reasons good agreements must be made, the reasons machines must be inspected after they are made and the ways these things can be accomplished easily. During this Afternoon, ESV Technisch Adviesbureau BV introduced the latest Purchasing and Inspection Checklist. A demo version of this checklist can be found on the ESV Technisch Adviesbureau BV website.
The complete version is available free-of-charge upon request.

Using this extensive checklist, the purchaser can record all of the relevant agreements and then verify that they have been complied with when the machine is delivered.

During the presentation, the responsibility of the employer with regard to employee safety was also emphasized. The purchase of unsafe machines is ultimately the responsibility of the employer.

The topic was further illustrated using practical examples. Finally, the participants, including a few machine builders, engaged in a lively discussion.

The machine builders ultimately also came to the conclusion that they could be much more concrete in their dealings with their own suppliers. And that according to the European Directives, they were not the only ones who have a duty to deliver safe machines, but that their suppliers were also bound by the same duty.

By the end of the Afternoon, everyone could look back at a very informative session.
Many of the participants indicated in their evaluation forms that they would appreciate an even more detailed discussion of the topic.

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