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ESV Technisch Adviesbureau BV not only specialises in consultancy related to safety engineering within the framework of the European Directives and standards but also focuses on training courses in the areas of machine safety and working safely.

The exceptional strength of ESV Technisch Adviesbureau BV in the area of training is primarily focussed on the practical approach we utilize when giving training courses. We think it is important that when you train with us you are also able to apply what you learned in practice. To accomplish this, we pass along various tools during the training.
Our 4-day, modular Machine Safety Training differs from other machine safety training courses in that part of the training is held in our practical workshop, where you are allowed to explore safety issues on the machines set up there.

The Working Safely Training also utilizes a practical approach.
In this training, we aim to use practical examples to demonstrate which work activities are sometimes carried out in a dangerous manner, due to our routine or to organizational blindness, without our realizing it.
In this training, clear-cut short films are used to highlight hazardous situations.

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