Working safely

Did you know that there are legally obligatory safety regulations?

Do you know which safeguards you may, and sometimes must, switch off while working?

When must you activate a machine’s safeguards?

Quite often, safeguards are bypassed or switched off during maintenance work, when adjusting machines or when solving malfunctions. Doing so can endanger you or others.

Often, at the request of production, safeguards are switched off to keep the production process running. This is done without considering the consequences for the safety of the machine operators.

During this training course, we inform the participants of the legal safety regulations which must be followed, and we can answer all of their questions on this subject.

Training objectives

  • Identify safeguards
  • Handling safeguards
  • Changes to safeguards
  • What regulations are there, and what is included in them?
  • Consequences of adjustments and changes
  • Safety measures on the work floor
  • Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Basic knowledge of regulations
  2. Safeguards (introduction and identification)
  3. Structure of safety circuits
  4. Lock out Tag out procedure
  5. Handling safeguards
  6. NEN 3140
  7. Working at heights
  8. Handling hazardous substances
  9. Working in confined areas
  10. Working in explosive atmospheres
  11. Pictograms and instructions

During the training, practical exercises are used to show what can happen and what is legally permissible and impermissible.

By utilizing images and video materials, the participant is shown situations which may arise in his or her work place.

Training intended for:

  • Personnel of the technical department
  • Machine setters
  • Operators who regularly fix malfunctions
  • Engineers who are regularly on the work floor
  • Service and maintenance personel

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