We make a distinction between existing and new machines. As far as existing machines are concerned, we detect risks and make the required modifications. This is referred to as risk inventory. As far as new machines are concerned, each life phase and all risks must be documented and resolved. We do this using clear language. This means you know exactly what is going on.

As stated earlier, danger must be identified in high-risk activities. Each danger is represented by a risk score, and we use the concerned risk and the risk score to compile a suitable risk reduction. The residual risk is then re-evaluated.

“Because we are the market leader in practical machine safety, our risk analyses only contain safety solutions that are viable in practice” - ESV

Our business philosophy, namely ‘always customisation, never standard solutions’, is clearly visible in the approach we adopt to realise the intended reduction in risks. This is demonstrated by a carefully compiled report, which also features clear descriptions about machines as well as drawings.

And - importantly - we see our clients as partners, which means we always work together! Everything takes place in consultation with clients, bearing in mind important factors such as time and money. In short, we are familiar with, and respect, the needs of our clients and are always aware of applicable laws and regulations.

Tried and tested method

Thanks to many years of practical experience, ESV has been able to modify an existing model to create its own 18-point risk chart for risk analysis activities. This is a transparent and fundamental document, which has been specified using colours and actions points. ESV uses it to offer a useful overview for each risk. In addition, it is also easy to keep up-to-date. This means employees will always know about the latest steps. All this information is shown in A3 format and has a useful layout.

External assessment

RI&E’s sometimes need to be assessed by a certified external specialist. This service is also part of our comprehensive range of services. A single supplier that meets all your needs; what more could you want!