FAT/SAT - testing on-site

ESV has a clear vision and approach: always invest at the front end. This means we will probably cause a higher initial spend than other players in the market. However, because we offer an honest and transparent insight into investments, there will be no unexpected costs and challenges later down the line, like additional work. We will use an FAT and/or SAT to identify potential shortcomings even before your machine is commissioned. In fact, you should be aware that, once your machine/installation has been installed and commissioned, you are fully responsible for it under the Working Conditions Decree. And you will face an uphill battle if you want to then claim costs for any encountered shortcomings.

You are probably thinking: ‘but the machine we purchased was CE certified. Surely that means it’s safe?’ The fact of the matter is, most machines have been self-certified. And it should be noted that the supplying manufacturer does not always possess the required knowledge. Even though a sighed EC Declaration of Conformity has been provided, the concerned machine/installation may not necessarily comply with applicable European directives, which then becomes your responsibility.

How do we do this?

Our professional consultants will use a so-called FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and/or SAT (Site Acceptance Test) to check if your investment - be it large or small - has been supplied in accordance with applicable European Directives. The manufacturer/importer of the machine is actually obligated to repair potential shortcomings. Read: without extra costs. In this case, we are talking about machine safety tests and not functional tests.

We will use our pragmatic approach to compile high-quality and practical documents, which include clear action points. This will help to avoid (annoyingly) high costs later down the line!