Current legislation is complicated and occasionally leaves room for interpretation. In addition, directives can sometimes be difficult to access. And this awkward, official literature isn’t very exciting to read either. This means it can be challenging to interpret all these guidelines for your specific situation. Which directives and norms do you need to take into consideration?


ESV Technisch Adviesbureau can offer you a helping hand

Solutions are needed in order to comply with legislation. Suppliers are needed in order to realise these solutions. ESV’s activities include:

  1. Compiling (transparent) investment budget
  2. Proposing suppliers from our professional network or collaborating with the fixed suppliers of our clients. After all, we operate autonomously
  3. Offering suppliers professional guidance about viable solutions that comply with legislation and the practical needs of their customers. This starts by compiling sketches (offering an insight into what is needed). We also monitor the designs compiled by suppliers. In order to realise the best solution together with the client, we regularly hold project meetings with the special project team. Finally, we oversee the whole process together with the client’s executive project leader.

ESV uses all its (technical) knowledge and experience during this process. ESV also makes sure that contractors can continue their work and that everything is constructed in accordance with legislation. Under no circumstances will ESV be responsible for budgeting and planning.

The process:

  • ESV compiles a clear risk analysis
  • ESV discusses feasibility with operators (and makes adjustments if necessary)
  • ESV meets with suppliers to discuss the desired technical realisation
  • ESV remains in the background, monitoring whether suppliers are performing the assignment effectively (and re-directs if necessary).
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