Do you use machines and equipment? It is very likely that your answer was ‘yes’. In accordance with the Workings Conditions Decree, this means an additional RI&E (risk analysis) must be carried out.

The risk analysis process involves identifying dangers that could be encountered when working with machines or equipment. They can then be evaluated (weighted) and a score can be assigned to each of them. Our experts can then implement an appropriate and practically viable risk reduction. We will then measure the residual risk again to determine whether the risk has been fully reduced. If it has not been possible to eliminate all risks, employees/users must be informed that residual risks cannot be reduced further, despite all efforts. No matter how big or small the risk is, we always use our characteristic approach to highlight its status. Clearly, effectively and transparently. No fuss and no complicated terms, but specific and clearly worded analyses.

Safety solutions

Our specialised CE consultants will take care of all required risk analysis activities - from minor inspections to complete documentation. We are the market leader in practical machine safety and our risk analyses guarantee viable safety solutions. In other words: tailor-made solutions, which can always be implemented in practice. Because machine safety is our primary concern.

Tried and tested method

Thanks to many years of practical experience, ESV has been able to modify an existing model to create its own 18-point risk chart for risk analysis activities. This is a transparent and fundamental document, which has been specified using colours and actions points. ESV uses it to offer a useful overview for each risk. In addition, it is also easy to keep up-to-date. This means employees will always know about the latest steps. All this information is shown in A3 format and has a useful layout.