How we manage this?

ESV is unique in its vision and purpose. But the same also applies to our methods. We take care of things ‘in our own way’: with short lines of communication and a surprisingly open and accessible mindset.

Naturally, the first step involves learning more about our client. We prefer to use a personal meeting to learn more about one another and to create an inventory of your needs & preferences. This includes identifying the steps needed to meet requirements in applicable European directives.

We then clearly explain how ESV can help you to meet your objective. And equally important: how we will achieve this goal as (cost-)efficiently as possible. Everything will then be incorporated into a suitable and transparent quote - in clear language, which features a detailed description about all intended activities.

Should you approve this quote, one of our consultants will start working on your behalf. Of course, this will be an expert with a proven track record, but also someone who perfectly matches your company; thus ideal for all required activities. You can count on us to take care of your assignment in a reliable manner, based on an approach that is clear and understandable for all involved parties.

That's how we manage that!